House rules

Check-in, check-out information

We can provide the rooms for our guests from 13:00 on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, please leave the room by 10:30. Please let our hotel know by e-mail or telephone if you are arriving earlier than check-in time. On the day of departuring day it is possible to extend your stay for a fee if no guest arrives in the room on that day.

Renewal fee: 5% per hour from the current room rate.

Room Key

In order to pick up the room key, a registration form must be filled out. If you leave the hotel during the day, please leave the room key at the hotel reception.


Only registered guests can be accommodated in the hotel rooms. Please welcome your visitors in the lobby. The guest is responsible for the behavior of the visitor, including any damage. The hotel excludes any liability for damage caused by the visitor to the guest and / or third parties. The hotel will charge a port / rack rate for guests over the number of guests booked in the room.

Basic Services

Vendégeink részére a szobaár a szálláson kívül az alábbiakat tartalmazza: reggelit vagy félpanziós ellátást, belépőt a Harkányi Gyógyfürdőbe vagy a Siklósi Thermal Spa-ba (csomagtól függően!), törölköző bekészítést, játszótér használatát, parkoló használatát (feltétele a vendégbejelentő lapon a gépjármű rendszámának feltüntetése) és a Wi-Fi elérhetőséget.


For our guests, the room rate includes the following in additions to the accommodation: breakfast or half board, tickets to Harkány Spa or Siklós Thermal Spa (depending on the package!), Towels, use of the playground, parking (condition of the vehicle registration number on the guest registration form) ) and Wi-Fi availability.Basic Services

TV channels

1. M1 -HU
2. TV2- HU
4. DUNA - HU
5. HRT1 - HR
7. ATV - HU
8. Sport1 - HU
9. HÍR TV - HU
10. ARD - DE
11. ZDF - DE
12. RTL - DE
13. EURO Sport - DE
14. CZ 24 - CZ
15. TA3 - CZ
16. ORF 2 - DE
17. D- MAX - DE
18. M4 SPORT - HU
19. M2 - HU

There is a fee for using the room telephone. Phone calls outside the hotel require phone activation at reception. The hotel will  charge the guest's room bill based on the telephone company's service charges.

Calls within the hotel are free of charge.


For the safety of guests, hotel’s property and personal property, the hotel operates a closed-circuit camera system that captures and records continuously 24 hours a day.

In order to preserve their values, we can provide a safe for a fee. The service is available by signaling at the reception.

It is forbidden to store flammable, explosive substances, coffee makers, water heaters, irons and other electrical appliances in the hotel room!

Ironing or laundry can be requested at the hotel reception.


The half-board restaurant service starts with dinner on arrival and ends with breakfast on the day of departure. On the day of arrival it is possible to choose the dinner menu until 14:30 or pre-selection on telephone. In the absence of the former, the menu designated by the reception is provided for the given day.

Main meal times: breakfast from 07:00 to 10:00, dinner from 18:00 to 20:30. The breakfast buffet is served only in the restaurant. The visitors of the hotel can also use the special offer of our kitchen. In this case of meals without pre-order, a waiting time depending on traffic is possible!

Food allergy: We can provide lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian meals in our hotel. We ask our guests to notify us of their special meal needs before arrival!

Other consumption

In addition to the basic service, food and drinks consumed in the hotel can be charged to your room. Food and drinks purchased outside our hotel can be consumed in the hotel room while preserving the equipment. Any damage to the equipment will be subject to compensation.

Fire protection

All guests are required to follow our hotel's fire policy.


Designated outdoor and indoor spaces are provided for our smoking guests. Outside of designated areas, smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel for fire protection reasons!

Peace of mind for guests

Please respect the peace and quiet of the other guests and do not disturb it. Pay special attention to each other’s peace after 22:00.

Hotel values

Furnishings and textiles (eg blankets, towels, etc.) must not be taken out of the hotel!

Leaving the room

Guests are kindly requested to make sure that the water taps do not remain open before leaving the room, also please have a look at switching off the lights.

Report an error

The guest is obliged to notify the hotel of the failure of any of the tools, equipment and facilities of the hotel. The guest is not entitled to correct the error himself or to attempt to correct it. The hotel will not be liable for any resulting damages.


The hotel will charge the person for the damage caused by negligence.


Small dogs (up to 15 kg) or cats can be accommodated in comfort rooms at an additional cost.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel restaurant.

Further information

For more information of our services and how to use them, please contact the hotel reception.

Finally, we kindly ask our guests to report any comments they may have about the operation of the hotel, the hotel room or the behavior of other guests at the reception, immediately, so that a solution can be found as soon as possible. Subsequent comments cannot be handled effectively. Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!

We look forward to seeing you!